Fox News has confirmed that Tony Snow will be presented as the new White House Spokesman wednesday morning. Sing that song “I’m so excited” with me!!

I’m so psyched about this news. Rumor has it that Tony Snow is probably going to take the job as White House spokesman. Hat tip to Rebecca for sending me the article this morning.

A friend and I were talking and we think McClellan definitely contributed to Bush’s low poll numbers. He was Bush’s face and he sucked at it. We think Tony Snow may even be better than Ari was. Yahoo!!!!! ~Little Miss Chatterbox

Yes, it must have been Scott McClellan’s fault that Mr. Bush had such low poll numbers. So many people must be watching the daily press briefing at the White House and that is their their source of information. I had to read this over again a couple times to make sure I wasn’t missing some subtle irony. There was none. This woman is genuinely excited about a change in Press Secretary. So she must be positively thrilled about the dashing, new OMB man, Rob Portman. Have we reached such a low point that Americans exult in the swapping out of the President’s men? Maybe if some of them have some kind of influence on major policy questions you take an interest as an informed citizen, but who actually gets excited? It’s just plain strange. On the other side, how can people on the left get so worked up about Tony Snow’s appointment?