Maybe Sen. Feingold, staunch libertarian that he purports to be, should read the Federalist Papers. He might start with No. 72, in which Hamilton warned, for the sake of liberty, that Americans remain on guard against “[t]he propensity of the legislative department to intrude upon the rights, and to absorb the powers, of the other departments[.]” ~Andy McCarthy, The Corner

And maybe we shouldn’t take the monocrat Hamilton’s word for which branch of government is the most dangerous and most likely to usurp power. Besides, there’s nothing like cherry-picking from the Federalist Papers to make modern autocracy go down more smoothly. And, by the way, it is Federalist 73, not 72, and this comes from Hamilton’s defense of the veto power. If he knew the use to which his words were now being put, I suspect he would rise up and challenge someone to another duel.