On the day after the Ukrainian election, with the official final results still pending, there is widespread disappointment and an air of disbelief among western observers. At first glance, the orange revolution seems to have been turned upside-down. President Yushchenko appears to have lost badly as his Our Ukraine party polled only about 17% of the vote, while the Party of the Regions, headed by Yanukovich, has emerged the main victor with about 26% of the vote so far. The result suggests that the orange revolution has changed colour within a little over a year. ~Gwendolyn Sasse, The Guardian

There is some small satisfaction in seeing the criminal Yushchenko’s party get trounced. Gwendolyn Sasse’s editorial tries to put a good face on all of this, but her optimistic description of what the “Orange Revolution” accomplished is just a list of many of the same fictions The Guardian pushed when Yushchenko was mounting his democratic coup. The bottom line is that the more pro-Russian party representing primarily eastern Ukraine has won the plurality. The drive to suck Ukraine into the EU and NATO is failing. The pathetic nationalists in Yushchenko’s party have been repudiated, as I suspected they always would be once the Ukrainians had an election that did not have the entire Western world breathing down Kiev’s neck.