Looking over my posts this week, I see that I have fallen into a Danish cartoon rut after my belated entry into the fray. Therefore, I will offer up something entirely new and, I suspect, never before seen in an English language blog: a verse from Sayat Nova. For those who don’t know, Sayat Nova is the nom de plume of Harutiun Sayakian, the great eighteenth century Armenian poet and bard, whose poems I have been looking over in relation to my Armenian class. So here it is:

K’ani voor jan im, yar, k’i ghoorban im, apa inch anim.

Artasunk’ anim, shat hokuts’ hanim, yar, ghadet tanim.

Asir “jeyran im,” tugh k’i seyr anim, yar, mtik anim.

Moot bagchen nazov, k’iz govim sazov, yar, iltimazov.

As long as I live, love,

I will sacrifice myself for you

What else would I do?

I will weep, I will sigh heavily,

Love, I will take away your pain.

You say, “I am a gazelle,”

I will stare at you,

Love, I will gaze upon you.

Enter the garden gracefully, I will praise you with the saz,

Love, I will praise you with entreaty.

My Armenian teacher, Dr. Haroutunian, helped me complete the translation, but any errors in the English rendering are, of course, solely mine. If there are any Armenian poetry buffs out there who would like to offer corrections or suggestions, I’d be very glad to hear from you.