The toll has been tremendous, according to the AP count: From April 28 through June 23, there were at least 161 vehicle bombings that killed at least 586 people and wounded at least 1,747.

In total, for the year from the handover of sovereignty on June 28, 2004, until June 23, 2005, there were at least 480 car bombs, killing 2,180 people and wounding 5,533.

That represents a big jump in violence from the previous year. The Brookings Institution in Washington, which keeps track of all suicide bombings as well as car bombs that kill two or more people, counted 95 such attacks from July 2003 through June 2004, when 979 were killed and 2,662 were wounded.

Altogether, the AP count shows that insurgents have killed more than 1,250 people since the government of new Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari took over April 28. ~Yahoo News

If this is what the “last throes” of the insurgency can accomplish, how many more will the insurgents manage to kill when the insurgency has supposedly been “defeated”?