Sudan’s army has branded a United Nations Security Council resolution on the crisis in Darfur “a declaration of war” and warned it will fight any foreign troops sent into the region.

~ The Australian, August 3, 2004

In addition to the theoretical problems of intervention, the Sudanese government has presented the world with a very serious practical moral problem of enforcing its interventionist blather. This is the grim reality that a military intervention designed ostensibly to save lives may provoke larger conflicts that consume more lives than might be saved.

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A Western-sponsored war with the Sudan would invariably tarnish the militaries of Western nations with the stains of having attacked a government and nation that have done nothing to any Westerners. This does not even take into account the potential these events may have for derailing peace initiatives in the southern Sudan or providing Sudan’s neighbours with an opportunity to settle old scores with their own enemies operating out of the Sudan or take advantage of Sudan’s isolation.