U.S. forces arrested the press official of the Committee of Muslim Ulemas, Iraq’s highest Sunni religious authority, after participating in a televised debate.

The committee’s spokesman Mohamed Bashar al-Faidi said Monday that Muthanna al-Dari was seized on his way back home after taking part in a political debate broadcast live on Lebanese satellite television LBC on the upcoming Iraqi National Congress.

The committee announced that it will be boycotting the Iraqi National Congress which is set to convene in mid-August to protest against non-balanced representation of the Iraqi people in the parley.

Al-Faidi said Muthanna might have been arrested because of his harsh criticism of the controversial congress.

~ The Washington Times, Aug. 2, 2004

Fortunately, the occupation is now over and the Iraqis govern their own country. Thanks to the folks at Antiwar.com for picking up this story.